Our Story

We believe there is a need for special places, those where you instantly feel welcome and at home...

The roots of our shop began setting over 25 years ago from our local market garden shed in Gwelup. From the shed grew Absolutely Organic WA which operated in Gwelup from 2002 until 2015. We blossomed again in 2015 to the unique and wonderful place we now call Dunn & Walton. A true reflection of the ideas and experiences of our own as well as the influences of those involved over the years.

From the beginning we have continued to provide a unique and genuine service. We offer a great range of certified organic food in store and for delivery and there is no room for confusion as we don’t stock foods that aren’t certified organic. As a CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHOP, we are inspected and interviewed annually by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). This certification requires that we constantly check the certification on all products before including them in our range.

We believe it is important for you to have confidence in the organic status of the food we sell. Alongside our store and home delivery service we run a certified organic takeaway café. With all food made on site from ingredients in our store and specialty coffee available daily. Most of these foods are also available to add to home delivery boxes.

We embrace and are involved in local activities supporting significant global movements, for example Fair-trade and Transition Towns. Additionally, we encourage organic farming and home gardening through our involvement with the Organic Association of Western Australia and other related groups throughout Australia and other countries. You will find evidence of this throughout the store in food, clothing and craft.

We have a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling. Minimising waste isn’t new to us and we are leaders in these practices. We have never offered plastic shopping bags and from the beginning we have been composting the majority of our waste with less than 5% ending up in landfill and constantly improving.

We are always happy to help or guide you in any way we can. Between us we have vast knowledge on food, growing food, nutrition, cooking and organics.

We hope to see you in our shop or at your door soon.

Travis, Arena, Rick and Annie
Directors Dunn & Walton