I Choose Organic & This Is My Story

We’ve have been fortunate over the last +20 years to talk with many of our customers about why they choose organic. The reasons are vast and many run true to ours.

So we’d like to now invite you to share your story...we hope this will educate and inspire others in the community to choose organic.

Tell us why you choose organic? and help us in spreading the word.

Simply share your story via Facebook or Instagram by tagging us @dunnandwalton in a post, video or story using the hashtag #ichooseorganic. Alternatively you can send your stories to us via email to info@dunnandwalton.com.au or in person.

Each week over the months of October - November we’ll be choosing one of your stories to share along with a thank you gift.


Week 1 - Small Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box
Week 2 - 6 Pack of Cold Pressed Juice
Week 3 - Sweet treats from our Cafe
Week 4 - 4 x Take home meals
Week 5 - Small Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box

Stories From Our Community

'The human body is like a fine musical instrument. Our organs, skin, respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems all work together to give us the ultimate performance – life. We have all experienced at some time in our lives short- term or long-term periods of ill health, our body’s music is out of harmony and we do feel flat. Eating organic food is helping our bodies to sing, without having it bombarded with chemicals that affect the homeostasis of our finely tuned instrument.'


‘Because our bodies are the most beautiful expression of mother nature’s greatness and the more we can embrace her, and the gifts nature has to help build healthy, resilient and thriving bodies the better. I want my daughter to understand nature’s intelligence and choosing organic is such a great way to bring that to life, in seasons and availability, to the taste, look and feel of fruits and vegetables.’




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I am a university student currently studying medicine. In my short time at University, I have learned so much about the human body and the way that it works together so harmoniously to allow us to live. Life in and of itself is a miracle - the chance of being born is approximately one in 400 trillion! Our bodies work tirelessly each and everyday to function in a way that allows our lungs to expand and breathe, our hearts to pump blood endlessly throughout our bodies, our mouths to produce beautiful sounds and consume wondrous foods. Our bodies are ethereal and as such deserve to be nourished with wholesome, organic produce that is lovingly provided by Mother Nature herself. Our bodies respect and love us eternally, keeping us alive - the least we can do is return the favour. By choosing organic, we minimise our consumption of harmful additives and chemicals, increase the antioxidants we derive from our food, and even support the planet that allows us to survive. Why even bother choosing anything else?

Organic foods play a large part in my life and I am loving the way my body is responding to giving it what it deserves. Thank you Dunn and Walton for allowing me to find harmony in my body and providing a place to shop fully organic.



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